Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last Post

Going to close down this blog soon. In the midst of moving to new place. Visit me @ charonshe


Sunday, May 03, 2009

X-Men leaked version

It was quite a surprised that we actually found this leaked version somewhere and watched it. Trust me, you don't even want to watch that version if you haven't seen the prettier version. Go to cinema! The effects are not there, you can see hanging strings, the island is colorless, there are blue screens etc. Dohz~

Just found out something that the agent zero in the show is Daniel Henney!! :D no wonder I found him looks extremely familiar in the show and couldn't recall what's his name. Very handsome ABK (american born korean) :D
I finally need to confessed that there are a couple of show I really did not watched with Jem. Felt so bad after I found out the year that those movies were shown. :S After spending 2 days at Jem's place where there were HFMD kids, I think I'm sick as well. There are sore throat, there are ulcers, headache. Monitoring for fever and spots on hands and foot. Then I'm done and need to head to my GP soon. Great! No work, stay home to rot soon. :D

Friday, April 24, 2009

Khmer Rouge @ Cambodia

I was reading the some articles about Khmer Rouge era in Cambodia. That horrible disaster really thrilled the modern world how could people do such things within few years of time? Human kind has survived in the million years till today. Those Marxists like Hitler just think they are the god and trying to clean up the culture, the believes, the buildings, the people and the society just to start with a so called Year Zero by all means? or probably they are trying to make a history. well they success and people suffer. The unfair is non of those Khmer Rouge leaders has been trial at court after 2 decades of the event. Not being questioned for killing half a population of the country within that 4 years. Here's the short story about the holocaust: ... _@/"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Favourite answer? not?

Perez Hilton actually commented the blonde is dumb in after came back from judging Miss USA yesterday.
There's a lot of time you have to obey to the nature rules where people are shallow and materialistic to get the crown you want. Miss California has all the rights to say gay marriage is not acceptable in her family but that doesn't mean the judges should accept it because she has her own attitude. She just lost it coz she don't care about other's feeling. How would you accept a Miss World later on to do charity stuff around the world after winning while she doesn't care about other people's opinion? It's good to stand neutral at the right time. I might be wrong. Definitely might be wrong.
Recently, I find myself made a lot of mistake like such as well. I shouldn't make my own opinion as the only opinion. I've lost the mojo to control what I want to listen and what I don't want to listen. Most of the time, I can't listen nowadays. -_-;~~

Monday, April 20, 2009


Am I blogging? Am I emailing?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 freaking hours

I'm so tired today after a 10 hours a** pain process of downgrading back to XP. Felt so idiotic and cheated by the management where that time they say all upgrade to Vista. I was so happy then coz I can type like speed in VStudio. Now back to this shit again. The intern offered his help to reinstall back all the developer tools for me but I rejected it because he doesn't know how darn slow my laptop is. Forgiven. I'm finally done with all the stuff... and now I'm on headache. Who has Windows 7 beta? I would like to have a copy. :D

Sunday, April 05, 2009


Grandpa passed away
~Rest in peace~